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This instrument features very detailed release and fret noises, most likely one of the best free guitar Kontakt library in this list. This is a free 1. Since this is supposed to be a demo version of their premium Kontakt instruments, this orchestral library has a limited set of articulations and a single microphone position, but the same 3 dynamic layers and up to 7 round robins.
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Native Instruments Hybrid Keys KONTAKT 6

This instrument features very detailed release and fret noises, most likely one of the best free guitar Kontakt library in this list.

This is a free 1. Since this is supposed to be a demo version of their premium Kontakt instruments, this orchestral library has a limited set of articulations and a single microphone position, but the same 3 dynamic layers and up to 7 round robins. The developers recorded the full range of each ensemble in unison, from lowest to highest note. Instruments play together when their ranges overlap and drop out when they reach their limits.

Signal Free By Output Link: Download at output. If you love the warm and massive sound of a full symphonic orchestra, but premium strings Kontakt library cost too much, Sonuscore is giving away these new Kontakt Orchestra Libraries totally free! The library sounds very warm and has an impressive sound for being a free library. The Kontakt instrument interface is straightforward to control, and each interface comes with only one knob.

Playing notes in Low-velocity triggers major chords, and high-velocity triggers minor chords. In the Sustained String Chords library, the mod allows you to control dynamics, mix sustain and tremolo chords. Both libraries let you play low, mid and high strings separately or play colossal epic chords altogether.

The interface is beautifully simple and straightforward. These are definitely some of our two favorite free Kontakt libraries out there. Must have instruments to take your production to the next level, for free. It serves a purpose and one purpose only, which orchestral rises.

And it does it WELL! With every mapped note being a uniquely recorded take of the same length, one has the ability to create a custom riser comprised of only the certain sections, or go all in and create a thundering rise of multiple takes together with zero phasing! This stunning Kontakt sample library and virtual instrument contains playable picking grooves, textures and one shot samples all with 5 mic positions and on board mixer.

Everything is wrapped up in a beautiful and easy to use interface that is a pleasure to look at. Total Composure Orchestra Link: On top of it all, the samples used this free library are in the public domain, which means they can be used freely for your own projects. Aurorror By Fluffy Audio Link: Despite it being a stripped down version of a premium Kontakt instrument, this free library still delivers on usability and sound quality, making this a handy tool that provides excellent results with impressive sound quality.

Aurorror comes with more than 25 unique sound sources, 13 different modulators, an arpeggiator and polystep modes. The instrument allows you to layer up to 3 sounds, each one with its own set of parameters that can be adjusted independently from other layers to better shape your sounds.

The Presets can then be easily saved via the Kontakt menu. Free Fall by Soundethers This is a fantastic free Kontakt library perfect for textures, deep and evolving sounds for ambient, soundtracks, underscores, chillout, IDM, glitch and more.

It comes with 18 presets that you can customize and save. This Kontakt instrument offers four pages of parameters to tweak your sounds. Main Engine, where you can control layers volume, filter along with its types, envelope as well as cutoff and resonance, amp envelope ADSR and pitch envelope. Effect Engine, where you can add reverb, delay distortion and more.

Rythm engine, to create exciting patterns with the arpeggiator. And output engine. This is a very in-depth Kontakt library that will especially come handy when working on breakdowns that needs just that extra background sound that fills the space and ends up making all the difference.

Dark Drones by Sun. Dark Drones by Sound. This free Kontakt library is a collection of 43 handcrafted drone that features dark and cinematic sound effects.

The interface is straightforward and allows you to quickly access eq, volume, tune and some effects like distortion and flanger. How many times have you struggled with finding the right tambourine loop that would just sound right and especially in sync?

This Kontakt library is A deeply and exquisitely sampled Vintage Toy Tambourine, captured to perfection with a stereo-pair of large-diaphragm Neumann microphones through a Universal Audio pre-amp. Gombulator by Fine Cut Bodies Link: Gombulator by Fine Cut Bodies One of the free Kontakt libraries we are most in love with, due to its particular sound and uniqueness.

The Yamaha PSR has six preset sounds plus a set of drums, all of which were meticulously sampled before arranging them into the twisted interface of Gombulator. The interface looks like a simple image at first but both the moon and the water allow you to interact with the sound. Out of this free Kontakt libraries list, this is probably the funniest library we listed.

Freelodica by Wavesfactory Link: The instrument was recorded with two different microphones positioned close and far which can be mixed together or played separately. Both microphones have additional stereo width controls. There are three round robin variations per note and the instrument also features two different tuning settings: The range of the original instrument can be extended by one octave and a half.

It is also worth mentioning that Wavesfactory offers a wide selction of free Kontakt libraries on their website so make sure you stop by their Free Kontakt Instruments page.

This pack comes with a Lead Guitar which adds a harmony at higher velocities for creating double note pitch bends. Strum Maker: This Library is surprisingly epic and cinematic for a free product and offers 10 velocity layers, 10 Round Robin layers, and a simple Kontakt interface. Very fun to play with. Samplephonics have done an amazing job at sampling this unique instrument and releasing one of the best free Kontakt libraries ever when it comes to Organ samples.

It sounds magnificent and the fact that it is released as a freebie is absolutely mind blowing. Bigcat Instruments GM MiDi Instruments This is the sound set that midi files use to recreate music, soundfonts traditionally revolve around them and if you get voice keyboard these are generally the voices it has.

It is a standard to make sure that when Instrument 1 is called for it is always Acoustic Grand Piano and not bagpipes or a car crash. These Free Kontakt Libraries bring back the beauty of old fashion sounds from the 90s and early s. Amore Grandpiano by Precision Sound Link: The samples were made using the Candlestick metal and wooden parts played by fingers and nails. Egyptian Darabuka Kontakt Library Link: Recorded with 4 dynamic layers per articulation and with 2 dynamic layers for the rolls.

It comes with 3 kits each one containing Drum Samples recorded using different techniques, from clear tape to saturated tape and by running the samples thru different outboards. Epic Trailer Sounds by Generdyn Link: One thing is for sure, You will not be disappointed! Ancient Voices by Embertone Link: Ancient Voices by Embertone When you are talking about great free Kontakt libraries, you must speak of Embertone.

Ancient Voices is a fantastic All-Male Chamber Choir Kontakt instrument with outstanding quality and impressive articulations. Mod-wheel controls the dynamics of the voices. You can switch between a true legato or a poly mode and you also get two adjustable mic positions.

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Kontakt Hub have several unique libraries for you to explore from the most talented developers. Head to our website to check out what we have on offer for you. Looking for the best Kontakt Libraries? This list has over of the BEST available Free and Premium Kontakt Libraries in NATIVE INSTRUMENTS – Una Corda [KONTAKT LIBRARY] [ GB] [TORRENT ]. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS – The Grandeur [KONTAKT.


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I don’t know if you guys are interested in Kontakt Libraries, if you are not, please just ignore! and if you are interested, you would find a list of free and paid. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS – Una Corda [KONTAKT LIBRARY] [ GB] [TORRENT ]. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS – The Grandeur [KONTAKT. Vir2 is an international team of sound designers, musicians, and programmers who specialize in creating the world’s most advanced virtual instruments.

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